Welcome to the online portfolio of Dino “DJ” Stokes.  On this site, you can get to know a little more about DJ, as well as view his previous work and other projects in development. DJ finished up his Master Degree in Entertainment Business and has decided to start his own business as well as pursue a career in film and audio/visual production.

He also has received a Bachelor Degree in Film from Full Sail University. He loves editing and camera work. DJ owns both an editing system (equip with Final Cut and the Full Adobe CC Suite) and a Panasonic HVX205A with HD recording capabilities, among other production equipment.

DJ is highly motivated, dedicated, and determined.  DJ is used to working with other people and has an enjoyable energetic personality, making him a great team player and easy to get along with.  Through his vast experiences in life, DJ has picked up habits that make him a hard worker, quick learner, and he continues to develop his skills everyday.

  • DJ Stokes