DJ Stokes was raised in the Quad Cities, IL.  DJ’s first job experience was detassling corn fields, beginning at age 13.  He credits this job for teaching him hard work and determination.

While in high school, DJ spent most of his spare time with his friends filming skits and movies.  He taught himself how to edit from VCR to VCR, then learned an amateur editing program.  This sparked his interest in pursuing a career in film.  After attending a year of community college, he heard about Full Sail University, which offers accelerated programs in courses such as film.
After receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Film from Full Sail University, DJ realized pursuing a Master Degree in Entertainment Business was the next logical step in his career goals.

Utilizing the business skills he acquired through his latest degree, DJ decided to launch his production company (Nerb Productions, LLC).  He maintained a full-time job at the Wyndham Hotel and Resorts as an Audio/Visual technician for about 2 years (3/2010 – 6/2012), while doing freelance video on the side. In June of 2012, DJ decided to part ways and pursue his true passion of doing video (both freelance and building up Nerb Productions). DJ still occasionally does A/V work as a freelancer for both P.S.A.V. and the Wyndham.

With his good people skills, entertainment business background, and determination, DJ is confident he would be a good asset to any company.