’12 Camera Reel

2012 Camera Reel

This is DJ’s Camera Demo Reel for 2012. About 90% of the reel was shot on DJ’s Panasonic HVX 205a (which is the newer version of the HVX 200). All clips of the ‘superhero’ fashion show (From the fall 2012 Surf Expo convention) were shot on the Cannon 5D Mark II. This reel shows examples of various shots from Music Videos and Live Performances/Concerts, Corporate Videos, Behind-the-Scenes, Live Events, Sports, and Dance. DJ hopes to show the various camera techniques he uses within each category.

After reviewing the demo reel, DJ decided that labeling the shots were distracting and took away from the camera movements themselves. However, if you’re curious to know what some of the shots are from, there is an alternate version you can look at here: https://vimeo.com/55151325