Far Out There

Some Kosher Yuppy ft. Stupid Genius – “Far Out There”

Music video shot for B. Miller Productions (Brice Miller) of S.K.Y. (Some Kosher Yuppy) and Stupid Genius performing the song “Far out there.” The song is about admitting that drug use has negative consequences. The video takes S.K.Y. on a journey between reality and Euphoria. DJ worked on set as a Visual FX supervisor and teamed up with Brice (Director/Editor) during post-production to bring some of the special/visual effects to life.


Brice miller – Director/Editor
Brandt Hackney – Cinematographer
Sara Mossman – 1st A.D.
Brian Peterson – Art Director
DJ Stokes – Visual FX Supervisor/Motion Graphics
Rochelle Nawada – Make-up
Yulicer – Make-up/Costume Designer